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Quietest Traffic Census Points

"Least busy" stats are only available for major roads. See the note at the bottom of the page for a fuller explanation of why.

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All Major Roads, All Vehicles, 2014

  1. A844 between B881 and B878, Argyll & Bute
  2. A838 between A836 and A894, Highland
  3. A941 between B9002 and A97, Aberdeenshire
  4. A868 between J0 and J0, Comhairle nan Eilean Siar
  5. A897 between B871 and A836, Highland
  6. A966 between B9057 and A967, Orkney Islands
  7. A836 between B873 and A838, Highland
  8. A846 between Feolin ferry and Lussagiven, Argyll & Bute
  9. A861 between A830 and Corran ferry, Highland
  10. A702 between B7075 and B729, Dumfries & Galloway
  11. A702 between A713 and B7075, Dumfries & Galloway
  12. A941 between B9002 and A920, Moray
  13. A844 between B878 and B875, Argyll & Bute
  14. A837 between A835 and A839, Highland
  15. A896 between C-road at southern edge of Shieldaig and A832, Highland
  16. A897 between B871 and A9, Highland
  17. A836 between A838 and B873, Highland
  18. A884 between A849 and Sgeig Mhor ferry, Argyll & Bute
  19. A837 between A839 and A836, Highland
  20. A939 between A940 and Highland boundary, Highland
  21. A762 between A75 and B795, Dumfries & Galloway
  22. A839 between A837 and A836, Highland
  23. A841 between B880 The String and Lochranza ferry, North Ayrshire
  24. A967 between B9057 and A986, Orkney Islands
  25. A3110 between A3111 and A3112, Isles of Scilly
  26. A762 between B795 and A712, Dumfries & Galloway
  27. A939 between B976 and A93, Aberdeenshire
  28. A6088 between A68 and B6357, Scottish Borders
  29. A543 between A5 and Conwy boundary, Conwy
  30. A543 between Denbighshire boundary and Denbighshire boundary, Denbighshire
  31. A543 between Conwy boundary and A544, Conwy
  32. A967 between A986 and B9056, Orkney Islands
  33. A886 between A8003 and B8000, Argyll & Bute
  34. A939 between Highland boundary and Highland boundary, Highland
  35. A884 between B8043 and A861, Highland
  36. A4120 between B4343 Devil's Bridge and A44 Ponterwyd, Ceredigion
  37. A4069 between A4068 CWMGARW ROAD and HIGH STREET, Carmarthenshire
  38. A708 between A701 and Dumfries & Galloway boundary, Dumfries & Galloway
  39. A844 between B881 and B881, Argyll & Bute
  40. A838 between B801 and C-road to Balnakiel, Durness, Highland
  41. A967 between B9056 and A966, Orkney Islands
  42. A97 between B9119 and A944, Aberdeenshire
  43. A6112 between A698 and B6461 Kelso Rd, Swinton, Scottish Borders
  44. A3203 between A302 and A201/A3202, Southwark
  45. A762 between A712 and A713, Dumfries & Galloway
  46. A968 between Belmont ferry and B9086, Shetland Islands
  47. A944 between A939 and A97, Aberdeenshire
  48. A924 between Baledmund Rd, Pitlochry and B950, Perth & Kinross
  49. A849 between Fionnphort ferry and B8035, Argyll & Bute
  50. A894 between C-road Kylestrome and C-road Scourie, Highland

"Least busy" stats are not available for minor roads (B and unclassified), as the results would be meaningless. Traffic counts are only routinely carried out on major roads; minor roads only get surveyed if there is a specific reason to check them. One of those reasons is high traffic, so the busier minor roads will have regular counts. But quiet minor roads may only get surveyed once in ten years or so, and in some cases there may be no recent data at all.

What that means is that there's no point trying to generate a list of the quietest minor roads, as all it would show is the quiestest surveyed minor roads. The really quiet roads simply won't appear in the list at all.