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Busiest Traffic Census Points

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All Roads, All Vehicles, 2014

  1. M25 between J14 and Hillingdon boundary, Hillingdon
  2. M25 between J15 and Slough boundary, Slough
  3. M1 between J7 and J8, Hertfordshire
  4. M60 between J13 and J12, Salford
  5. M25 between J13 and J14, Surrey
  6. M25 between J12 and J11, Surrey
  7. M25 between J18 and J19, Hertfordshire
  8. M25 between J11 and J10, Surrey
  9. M25 between J16 and J15, Buckinghamshire
  10. M25 between J12 and Surrey boundary, Surrey
  11. M25 between Windsor and Maidenhead boundary and Windsor and Maidenhead boundary, Windsor and Maidenhead
  12. M25 between Surrey boundary and J13, Surrey
  13. M1 between J6A and J7, Hertfordshire
  14. M60 between Bury boundary and J17, Bury
  15. M60 between J16 and Salford boundary, Salford
  16. M60 between J17 and J18, Bury
  17. A406 between Redbridge boundary and Southend Road (North Cicular Road), Redbridge
  18. A406 between A104 and Waltham Forest boundary, Waltham Forest
  19. M25 between J8 and J7, Surrey
  20. M25 between J17 and J18, Hertfordshire
  21. M6 between J20 and J21 spur, Warrington
  22. M6(T) between M6 Toll T2 and Roundabout A446 A 4091, Warwickshire
  23. M8 between J16 and J15, Glasgow City
  24. M6 between J21 spur and J21A, Warrington
  25. M56 between J4 and J3, Manchester
  26. M4 between Hillingdon boundary and J4, Hillingdon
  27. M4 between J4B / M25 and Slough boundary, Slough
  28. M60 between A34 and M60 spur, Stockport
  29. M61 between J2 and J3, Bolton
  30. M60 between J14 and J15, Salford
  31. M1 between J8 and J9, Hertfordshire
  32. M1 between J9 and Hertfordshire boundary, Hertfordshire
  33. M1 between LA boundary and J10, Central Bedfordshire
  34. M6 between J30 and J31, Lancashire
  35. M62 between J26 and J27, Kirklees
  36. M25 between J10 and J9, Surrey
  37. M25 between J20 and J21, Hertfordshire
  38. M25 between J19 and J20, Hertfordshire
  39. M6 between J9 and J10, Walsall
  40. M8 between J15 and J14, Glasgow City
  41. M6 between J8W and J9, Walsall
  42. M60 between J15 and J16, Salford
  43. M60 between J13 and J14, Salford
  44. M25 between J16 and Buckinghamshire boundary, Buckinghamshire
  45. M25 between Hertfordshire boundary and J17, Hertfordshire
  46. M4 between J5 and J4B / M25, Slough
  47. M25 between J23 and J24, Hertfordshire
  48. M1 between J21 and J21A, Leicestershire
  49. M8 between M8 spur and J25, Glasgow City
  50. M6 between J5 and Birmingham boundary, Birmingham